Welex SA Holdings (China) Ltd is a Hong Kong based company specialising in the importation and distribution of chemical for customers in China.
We focus in serving customers in the manufacturing industries covering paint and ink,textiles,detergents and household products,industria and institutional cleaning,agrochemicals products for organic synthesis. We are in the process of developing a product portfolio for the engineering plastic in dustry.

We supply our customers with quality chemical products of speciality nature backed up with technical and logistic services.

We seek to be alart to customers need,and perform our utmost to satisfying these needs,be it in products or services.
We believe in an honest approach to doing business,and attach the utmost importance to honouring contractual obligations.
We believe in the value of people working for us,and in sharing our success,It is our wish to give everyones room for development so that both the company and our people can grow together.
We seek to become a trusted,long term supplier and friend to all our customers-and be known to be a company with their interest at heart.We like to be a supplier who can solve customer problems and improve their product quality.
We aim to work with our suppliers in a partnership fashion,Sharing information and jointly developing market strategy,and establish a relatiorlship which is open,long term and mutually beneficial. We believe we can become a useful bridge between the needs of Chinese industries and the capabilities of our suppliers in fostering a long term business.

We are proud to have a dedicated and trained sales team of chemistry graduates recruited from the industries we serve.They are being backed up by finance and logistic professionals led by devoted managers.

We have operations located in Beijing,Shanghai,Qingdao,Wuhan,and Guangzhou,Xiamen,Chengdou,covering 80% of the economically active regions in China.

Stocks are held in all operating units to ensure an uninterrupted and timely supply to customers We can perform transactions in both local and foreign currencies.

We understand the in dustries we serve and their technological trends.